The healing power of plants

We see plants around us every day. We don’t realize how much plants do for us, other than purifying our air and providing a steady supply of oxygen. Plants benefit us in many ways – mentally and emotionally.

Rachel Wilson is an experienced plant owner from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Wilson grew up with plants in her childhood home, starting her own collection in the last two years.

“Seeing my plants makes me happier in day to day life. Personally in my life, my plants give me something to look forward to every day,” Wilson wrote via Instagram. “For example, seeing new growth makes me so excited and overall they’ve made me happier since I’ve had them.” 

Wilson is also the owner of sunraychelsplants on Instagram. There, she posts pictures of herself and her beautiful plants.

According to WebMD, there are many health benefits associated with growing plants. One of these benefits is improved sleep, “Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. It’s how they turn sunlight into food, a process called photosynthesis. Some, like gerbera daisies, keep giving off oxygen even after the sun goes down. Put a few cheerful pots in your bedroom and the extra oxygen may help you sleep more soundly.”

Stress relief is another benefit of having houseplants, WebMD says. “Feeling the weight of daily pressure? Try and add a heart-leaf philodendron or a snake plant to your decor. It may help you relax. Several studies have measured people’s levels of blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress hormone cortisol while they handled a tough task or were under mental stress. Being around plants has a calming effect on people.”

Plants may also lead to improved mental and emotional health. WebMD describes therapists using gardening to help treat depression, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric conditions. “Learning to nurture a living plant may help lower anxiety, improve attention and lessen the severity of depression. Plants also might help people recovering from trauma, as well as those with dementia or who live in long-term care facilities.”

Brigit Atkinson, manager of Terra Greenhouses in Milton, agrees that plants can help.

“The beauty of course, in your home. The fact they do take the toxins and purify the air. I’m a plantaholic, I love plants. I have lots of plants in my home, I can never have enough plants. They make me happy,” she said.

Plants bring people together. Anyone could fall in love with a plant. I have owned house plants since my first job as a florist at a grocery store. I was in charge of watering and caring for plants before they were sold. For about six years now I have been collecting and caring for many varieties of plants. They bring such a happy colour for the room. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when a new leaf or flower blooms.

Owning houseplants is something I would recommend for your home or bedroom. They are cheap, easy and beautiful pieces of art that will thank you for your love and care.

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